TechCrunch: Google to acquire Crunchyroll, CrunchyTV – Crunchy is getting Google’s big investment, and the online streaming service will have a much larger audience than it did before.

Google is acquiring the online video service for $130 million, the company announced Monday.

Crunchy, which has been a major player in the live-streaming space for years, will continue to operate as a separate business with a separate focus, Google said in a blog post.

The deal gives Google a presence in the world’s largest live-media ecosystem and will bring about “a world-class entertainment service,” the search giant said in the post.

Google’s acquisition comes as the streaming service continues to evolve with new products and features.

Crunch is one of the largest and most popular sites in the business, and its videos have seen an uptick in popularity as it’s moved away from the streaming model.

The service offers live events, comedy and news and even includes news about the 2016 presidential election, according to Crunchy.

It also has a strong presence in sports, including the NFL playoffs, college football and basketball.

The company’s YouTube and Google+ video services are popular with sports fans.

Crunch recently added live sports video streaming to its YouTube TV service, which will go live in October.

Google has been expanding its video service into a live streaming platform for some time, but it hasn’t had the reach it has with traditional TV.

The live streaming service’s popularity has been fueled by its original content, and Google also has partnerships with many other media companies.

Crunch also has an audience of about 60 million people on YouTube, according the company.

Google bought the service from the defunct Hulu back in 2013, and it has continued to develop and improve its own product.

Crunch’s content and app features include videos about sports, news, politics and pop culture.

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