Palms Springs, FL – Palms Springs Parks & Recreation reopens after 3 months under the watchful eye of a mysterious man

Palms, FL (November 15, 2020)– On Tuesday, the Palms Parks &Rec recreation office in Palms Spring, Florida reopened with a bang.

The park was already under a tight security lockdown and had been for several months when a mysterious man went into the office and brought over a bunch of items.

He then put them on the counter and walked out, leaving the staff in shock.

Staff members and the public were shocked to learn that the man was a specialist at the Palm Springs Parks and Recreation Department. 

In the days following the incident, Palmas Springs police officers and the Palmes Parks and Rec Office received several reports from the public, including one that the person who was seen at the office had left the office in a white SUV.

The office reopened a short time later after staff members and visitors were told that the employee had returned to work and had no knowledge of the incident.

Palms Ponds Director Kevin Pecan told NewsChannel 5 that he’s grateful for the public’s understanding that the staff had not been in contact with anyone at the park before the incident and is excited to be able to resume public service and have a new look.

“This was a really strange incident,” Pecant said.

“We were able to take a little bit of a back seat because of the public and the police officers.

This is one of those rare instances that we’ve had in which we’ve been able to get everyone back together and get our park back to its former glory.”The Palms Park was the first park in the state of Florida to be closed in October, 2019.

The palms ponds are a popular destination with the public as they offer hiking, fishing, boating, birding, and even shooting from their backyards.

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