Ryan Reynolds will be a producer on the upcoming Ratatouil movie

When Ratatoudes first hit theaters in 2018, it was hailed as one of the best movies of the year, a feat that would go on to win over critics and the critics are probably still saying that.

But in a time when the industry is constantly under siege, the movie has received a mixed reception.

It wasn’t long before the studio dropped out of the movie, and the franchise has since been rebooted with the latest installment, Ratatoulis.

Now, the filmmaker has announced that he will be producing the film with Fox Searchlight, as he looks to bring the franchise to theaters.

“I’ve been waiting for a studio to come forward and say, ‘We’ll produce this,’ and they’ve all said, ‘Absolutely,'” he told Deadline.

“We’re just looking for a small film studio, a small studio with a great team, to be involved.”

Reynolds will also produce the film, with the help of his brother, David, who was recently hired by the studio.

“Ryan is going to be a key producer on this film, he’s the producer of a few of the other projects,” David said.

“He’s also one of our biggest fans, and he’s got a very strong passion for film and his work.”

Reynolds said he has always loved movies and wanted to create a story that was as grounded and believable as possible, which is what Ratatollis is about.

“You have a man who is a killer and he is a man that can do incredible things,” he said.

When Ratatos first hit the theaters, it sold out quickly.

Its been reported that Ratatolls first weekend grossed $1.6 million, which was enough to make it the biggest film in the history of cinema, and that was despite its $70 million budget.

Reynolds hopes that the film can make the same kind of impact with audiences, who are tired of seeing movies that they’ve seen before.

“It’s something I can’t get enough of, and I know it’s something that a lot of people don’t want to see,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“The people who don’t like the way they’re told things are going to like what I’m doing with this film.”

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