The first ever movie to be made from the bestselling book ‘The Black Book’

The first movie ever to be shot from a book published by Amazon, The Black Book, has been given a special title.

The book by renowned author Saul Bellow, which was the basis for the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’, will be the title of a new movie about the life of Saul Bostick, a pioneering social scientist and the author of the groundbreaking novel ‘The Meaning of Life’.

“This is a dream come true for us,” said Simon Barrett, CEO of Warner Bros., which owns the rights to the movie.

“It is an incredible honor for Saul Bitzer and his wife, Carol, to work with Amazon on a project that will inspire millions of people around the world.”

The movie, titled ‘Saul Bosticks World’, is due out in December.

Amazon, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of, said the title reflects Bostack’s legacy as one of the world’s most influential researchers and thinkers.

“The Black book is a foundational book in the field of social science and its relevance to today’s world of technology is immeasurable,” said Jeff Bezos.

“Saul has shaped the field for decades and his work on topics ranging from cognitive dissonance, evolutionary psychology, and his most recent book, ‘The Art of Happiness’, have inspired generations of scholars to push the boundaries of scientific inquiry and the public’s understanding of the universe.”

“The title reflects the importance of the book for people of color and those of the marginalized, as well as the extraordinary work of Saul, his wife Carol, and their team of experts,” said Amazon President and CEO Jeff Bezos in a statement.

“They are deeply passionate about their work and their mission and we are honored to have them as collaborators.”

‘The book’ will be an “in-depth examination of Saul’s unique contributions to the field,” Amazon said in a news release.

The movie will be produced by Amazon Studios in partnership with the studio, which has also produced ‘The Lego Movie’ and ‘Cinderella’.

The studio will also make a video game.

“As a filmmaker and publisher, we have been honored to work on this project with Amazon Studios,” said Aaron Levie, Amazon Studios CEO and co-founder.

“We are excited to explore the potential of this groundbreaking book in a new way, and to give the world a unique look at the life and work of one of America’s most enduring authors.”

“This exciting project reflects our continued commitment to the long-term vision of Amazon Studios, and our ongoing partnership with Jeff Bezos and Amazon Studios as we bring a new chapter to the Amazon brand,” said Matt Kibbe, president and chief operating officer at Amazon Studios.

The new film is being made by Warner Bros. Television in association with Sony Pictures Classics, Warner Bros.’ studio parent.

“In ‘The Book’, we are thrilled to bring the powerful and fascinating stories of Saul and Carol Bostichks remarkable life to life in a richly realized world of magic and wonder,” said Steve Levitan, Sony Pictures’ head of distribution and worldwide distribution.

“Their life story is a testament to how extraordinary and fascinating our world is, and how it’s filled with extraordinary people.”

“Sue and Saul are among the most influential people of our time and they deserve to be celebrated for their unique and inspiring lives,” said Deborah Rich, Sony Music Group president, in a joint statement.

The Bostics have been friends since the 1960s, when they attended the University of Chicago together and Saul earned his PhD from the school in 1965.

Saul has also authored a number of books, including ‘The End of the American Dream’, ‘The Science of Happiness’ and his first book, the acclaimed ‘The Philosophy of Saul’ in 1968.

“He is a man who made his mark on the world,” said Carrie Brownstein, president of Sony Music and Sony Pictures, in the statement.

Saul’s legacy will be preserved in “the movie that will be released in December,” said Sony Pictures President David Glasser.

“This film captures his life in full, capturing his ideas and his achievements, and also the human heart of a man with a passion for human life, who wanted to know more about it and share it with others.”

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