9 things to know about Billy Joel’s new album: Everything you need to know

It’s no secret that Billy Joel is not a huge listener to music, but he is a very serious guy.

During his first album, 2016’s The Book of Mormon, he took a step back from the music to focus on his work, writing, “I’m not here to write songs about a woman who is not in my life.”

This album marks the first time he has allowed himself to let go of the album as a whole and the first full album that he has written since 2014’s The Black Album.

“This is what I’m here for: to write music, to write about a certain moment in my past,” Joel said in a press conference.

“It’s about me.

I don’t want to just go on tour with that album and then, I dunno, I’ll go into a studio and do a bunch of different things.

So it’s a journey.

It’s not a tour.

It has nothing to do with me.

It doesn’t have to do, like, a bunch to me.

But it has to do what it does.”

Here are 9 things you need known about Billy’s new LP, The Book: “I’ll tell you, the album’s very heavy.

I’m not going to say it’s heavy because I’m a heavy guy, but I feel like it is very heavy, very heavy,” he said of his new album.

“I feel like the album is like a big book that I’m writing with all of these little pages and pages and little pieces of my life, like a book.

So the whole album, the whole process of writing, is a book.”

It’s a very heavy album.

The first track on the album, “We Got This,” is a heavy and very emotional track that Joel describes as a “big song.”

“I have a really heavy heart and I have a very big heart,” he told the audience.

“The song’s heavy, but it’s also really honest, very real, and very heartfelt, and I think the people that are listening to it are going to really like it, I think.”

Joel said that he is trying to capture a certain kind of emotion and honesty in his music.

“We’ve had a lot of things happen to me over the years that I’ve been through that have been really painful,” he explained.

“But this album, we have to go through, and we have a lot to deal with in the life of a person who’s not me, and so I’ve done a lot.

I think there’s some pain and sorrow and a lot that I don.

I feel, you know, like the biggest pain and sadness in my world right now is that my daughter, her name is Hannah, she was born in December.

She’s a little girl who’s going to grow up, but she’s going through a lot, too.

And I’ve just been trying to be the father that she needs to be and be a person, to care for her and take care of her and be there for her, and try to be strong for her.”

Joel also discussed the importance of writing music, and how it’s helped him get through some tough times.

“Writing music was really the thing that allowed me to get through the toughest times,” he added.

“So that was really, really hard for me, it was the thing to do.

And then the songs, it’s really just that simple.

It was like, if you’re not writing, then you’re probably doing a whole lot of shit that’s not really helping you.

And the songs I wrote were really, honestly, really important for me.

You can listen to Joel’s entire press conference below.”

That’s why I wrote a song called ‘Don’t Let Go,’ because that’s one of the things that we all have in our heads, and when we do it, it makes us feel better, and it gives us hope, and hopefully it can help us to overcome those feelings, too.”

You can listen to Joel’s entire press conference below.

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