When the movies start to creep up on us: The fear of films approaching 4K, BFI special edition 3

2.10am: The BFI’s special edition of The Big Bang Theory has hit the screens in Ireland with the arrival of the latest BFI edition, 3.7.3.

The special edition features the latest episode from the series, as well as the original soundtrack and artwork from the film.

It features new footage and new interviews with the stars, as the film returns to its roots.BFI special editions have previously featured the original soundtracks for the films The Shining and Star Wars, and the film The Last Samurai, as a part of the film series.

The original sound tracks from the two films are now included in the latest edition.

The film is being released on Blu-ray in the UK this Friday, February 17, and on Blu/DVD and Digital HD on the same day in the US.

It is also being released in the Republic of Ireland on Wednesday, February 10, with a price of £6.99.BISHOP, THEBFI have announced that they will release a limited edition of the movie, the BISHOP: THE BIG BANG THEORY, on digital HD, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

The special edition will feature exclusive original content from the films, as seen in the trailer above, and new exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, plus a special featurette on the Making of THE BIG BOOTHE: Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Producer.

Bishop: THE BANG Theory, with an original score by Ravi Shankar, will be released on February 17th on Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, and 3D Ultra HD with a Digital Download Code for an additional fee of £4.99, and a limited number of 3D copies available for purchase.

The BFI has previously announced a BFI exclusive, The BISHOPS FIVE, for the digital HD version of The BANG, which is also available on the Blu-Rays in the U.K., with a digital download code for £5.99 and a Limited Edition Limited Edition of 1,000 copies available.

The Big Bang Theory will be available in HD on February 23rd.

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