Which film did the ‘Ghostbusters’ cast say they loved?

In this week’s “Cable and Dines” episode of “Cape Up,” we take a look at some of the films that were cast in the role of the Ghostbuster.

Here’s what we learned:1.

The movie starring the “Ghostbusters” cast is not the original, and the casting team was told that the movie would be based on the 1990 film “Ghostbuster II,” which was a remake of the first “Ghostbusting” film starring Chris Hemsworth.2.

The cast did not see the original version of “Ghosts,” but instead was given a remake that was based on a 1990 film called “Ghosting” starring Hemsworth and Tom Hanks.3.

There was no script for the new “GhostBusting” remake.

(The “Ghost” remake was directed by James Gunn.)4.

Chris Hemwell’s character, Harold Ramis, was cast in “Ghost-buster” for his comedic chops.5.

The “Ghost”-themed costumes were inspired by the “Buckyball” video game.6.

The new film is the first of two movies that will be released this year to “Ghost Squad” members.7.

“Ghost Busting” has already been picked up by Universal Pictures.8.

The original cast will reprise their roles for the “Cabin Fever” sequel, which is set to be released in 2019.9.

Chris Evans, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon will reprising their roles from “Ghost Buster.”10.

The remake is based on one of the most successful movie franchises in movie history.

The original “Ghost buster” movie was based off a comic book series by the same name.

The character was first seen in the 1990 movie “Ghost Hunting,” starring the late Christopher Reeve.

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