Why it’s not OK to play Pokemon Go without a real phone

The Pokemon Go game is now available for iPhone and Android.

The game requires a smartphone to play, and the phone can only be used with a smartphone in its GPS-based mode.

The app uses GPS to keep track of your location, and then sends you a signal when you make a phone call.

This means that if you’re using a phone that doesn’t have a GPS chip, it won’t be able to send your location.

The Pokemon GO app uses your phone’s GPS, but only when you’re not using it.

The company says that it is only looking for apps that are using the app’s GPS data.

The iPhone and the Android versions of the game are both $9.99.

The games don’t work for phones that are Bluetooth-enabled, and both require a special iOS or Android app to be installed.

However, the Pokemon GO iPhone and Google Play Store Android versions do work without a phone in its standard GPS mode.

There are apps that use GPS to let you track your location and send you messages, but the apps all rely on the iPhone’s GPS to be able track you.

The iOS app is available to download and install on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

There is also an Android version available for Android devices.

While these are all apps that have to be downloaded, they’re all pretty straightforward.

They’re all free to download, and they’re available on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

The Google Play store app is free, too.

The problem is that, while it does work on the iOS and Android versions, it doesn’t work on all phones.

You’ll have to use a smartphone that’s compatible with the iOS or the Android version of the Pokemon Go app to use it on iPhones.

This is because the app is only designed for iOS devices, and it only uses the GPS chip on a phone to be used.

In fact, some of the apps that we tested don’t even use GPS data, like the Pokemon Run, which is a game that you can download on iOS and use on Android.

There’s a similar game called Pokeball Run on Android, which uses GPS data from your smartphone.

You can also use the Pokemon app on a computer or a tablet, but this is more of a game you play with your phone than it is a real game.

Some Pokemon Go apps are also not compatible with older devices, like smartphones with 4G LTE connectivity.

Some older devices that support 4G can’t be used for Pokemon Go.

Some devices have an older GPS chip that isn’t compatible with GPS data or can’t send GPS data to a GPS-enabled phone.

For these devices, you’ll have a choice of two options: you can use your smartphone in the GPS-only mode, or you can connect to your smartphone’s GPS and use the app as if you were using a real smartphone.

Here are the devices that are compatible with Pokemon Go: iPhone 4S and newer

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