Introducing the ABKONCORE TENERGY 700W MODULAR, a revolutionary system power device that combines power, efficiency, and modularity. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this product is set to redefine the way you power your system.


1. High Power Output

The ABKONCORE TENERGY 700W MODULAR delivers an impressive 700W of power, ensuring a stable and reliable performance for your system. Whether you are a gamer, content creator, or professional, this power supply can handle even the most demanding tasks.

2. Modular Design

Gone are the days of messy cables and limited customization options. The TENERGY 700W MODULAR features a modular design, allowing you to connect only the cables you need. This not only improves airflow and cable management but also gives you the flexibility to upgrade or change your system components without hassle.

3. Energy Efficiency

With its 80 PLUS Bronze certification, the TENERGY 700W MODULAR ensures high energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and saving you money on electricity bills. Its advanced circuitry and intelligent fan control also contribute to a quieter and cooler operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the TENERGY 700W MODULAR compatible with my system?

A: The TENERGY 700W MODULAR is compatible with most standard ATX cases and motherboards. However, we recommend checking the specifications of your components to ensure compatibility.

Q: Can I upgrade the power output of the TENERGY 700W MODULAR?

A: The TENERGY 700W MODULAR offers a maximum power output of 700W, which is sufficient for most systems. If you require higher power output, we recommend considering our other models with higher wattage.

Q: Does the TENERGY 700W MODULAR come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the TENERGY 700W MODULAR comes with a [insert number]-year warranty. Please refer to the product manual or contact our customer support for more information.


The ABKONCORE TENERGY 700W MODULAR is the ultimate choice for power-hungry users who demand performance, flexibility, and efficiency. With its high power output, modular design, and energy-saving features, this system power device is a game-changer in the industry. Upgrade your system today and experience the power of the TENERGY 700W MODULAR.