DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps

DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps

DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps

Are you looking for a versatile and effective tool to enhance your workout routine? Look no further than DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps. These rings are designed to provide you with a challenging and rewarding workout experience.

High Quality and Comfortable Grip

One of the standout features of these rings is their high quality and comfortable grip. With a diameter of 32mm, these rings offer a better grip and are kinder on the wrists. You can perform various exercises without worrying about discomfort or slipping.

Strengthened Metal Clamp for Safety

The interior of the buckle adopts a serrated contact surface, which provides a stronger and safer biting force. This ensures that the rings will not fall down during your workout, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your exercises.

Custom Thicker Straps for Greater Bearing

The DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings come with custom 38mm thicker training belts. These straps are designed to provide greater bearing capacity, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 350kg. You can push your limits and challenge yourself without worrying about the durability of the straps.

Easy Setup and Unlimited Exercise Options

Setting up these rings is a breeze. Simply throw them over whatever you’re using as support, slip the strap through the metal clamp, and clamp it in place. In just 5 minutes, you’ll be ready to start your workout. The versatility of these rings allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, including pull ups, push ups, dips, rows, muscle ups, aerial yoga, and more.

Perfect for Various Workouts

Whether you’re into bodybuilding, gymnastics, fitness, or other bodyweight exercises, these rings are perfect for you. They provide a challenging and effective workout that targets your muscles and helps you build strength. With DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps, you can take your fitness journey to the next level.

  • Enhance muscle building
  • Improve ab workout
  • Strengthen upper body
  • Perfect for bodyweight exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the rings made of high-quality wood?
  2. Yes, the rings are made of high-quality wood that is durable and long-lasting.

  3. Can the straps bear heavy weights?
  4. Yes, the custom thicker straps can bear up to 350kg, making them suitable for intense workouts.

  5. Can I use these rings for aerial yoga?
  6. Yes, these rings are versatile and can be used for aerial yoga, providing a unique and challenging experience.


DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps are the perfect addition to your workout routine. With their high quality, comfortable grip, strengthened metal clamp, and custom thicker straps, these rings offer a safe and effective way to build muscle, improve strength, and enhance your overall fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, these rings will help you achieve your fitness goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your workouts to the next level with DYSD Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Buckles Straps.