Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand with Fertiliser

Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand with Fertiliser

Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand with Fertiliser

Product Description

Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand is a high-quality grass and turf fertiliser that treats over 360sqm. It contains ferrous sulphate, which helps maintain a healthy and green lawn. This product is perfect for lawns that are prone to stress, such as shade, drought, and waterlogging.

Application Rates

Apply evenly at a rate of 68g per sq. metre (2oz per sq. yard), either by hand or mechanical applicator, ensuring that the applicator is adjusted to deliver the correct rate. When applying by hand, mark out the area to be treated. Avoid drift onto trees, shrubs, and other plants. Apply when the soil is moist, e.g. a dewy morning. Do not apply when rain is imminent, during drought, or in freezing conditions.

Important Notes

  • Grass should be cut three days before treatment and not cut for at least four days after.
  • If spilt on paving, concrete, or clothes, brush off immediately to avoid discolouration.
  • Do not use this product on newly sown grass or turf within the first six months.
  • Re-seeding bare patches can be done four weeks after applying the product.
  • The product can be used around trees in the lawn but avoid contact with the foliage.
  • Wait until all bulb foliage has died down before applying to lawns with bulbs in.
  • Children and pets can use the treated areas once the product has been watered in.
  • Grazing animals should be kept off the treated area for four weeks.

Benefits of Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand

Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand contains nitrogen and iron, which give your lawn a boost all year round, leaving it a healthy green colour. The ammonium sulphate content releases a high level of nitrogen, making your lawn grass greener. The fine sand helps with the even distribution of the chemicals, resulting in a less patchy and more even grass coverage. Additionally, the sulphur constituent slightly acidifies the local grass environment, making it less conducive to turf pathogens.

Usage Recommendations

Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand works best when applied to your grass every 4-6 weeks over the late spring and throughout the summer. This regular use allows for the slow eradication of surface moss and weeds, and the production of a healthy lawn. However, it is important not to overuse the product. A good lawn care programme, in addition to using lawn sand, will help maintain a healthy and vigorous lawn.


Elixir Gardens Fine Lawn Sand with Fertiliser is an essential product for maintaining a healthy and green lawn. Its high-quality ingredients, including ferrous sulphate, nitrogen, and iron, provide the necessary nutrients for your grass to thrive. By following the recommended application rates and usage recommendations, you can enjoy a beautiful and vibrant lawn all year round.