Kaspiu 3 Pack Calming Collar for Cats

Kaspiu 3 Pack Calming Collar for Cats

Kaspiu 3 Pack Calming Collar for Cats


Introducing the Kaspiu 3 Pack Calming Collar for Cats, the perfect solution to help your cats relax and alleviate stress and anxiety. Our collar uses good behavior pheromone technology, mimicking the natural pheromones produced by mother cats to calm their kittens. In addition, the collar is infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils, known for their soothing properties. Whether it’s triggered by travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, fear, stress, heat, loud noise, transportation, vet visits, being left alone, or new social situations, our collar is designed to provide comfort and relief.

Product Details

Color: Grey

Length: 15 in

Width: 0.59 in / 1.5 cm

Main Features

  • Immediate effect within 1 hour, quickly improving bad behavior and reducing pet stress.
  • Continuous calming effect up to 30 days, providing a strong signal of comfort and security to cats.
  • Nature pheromones, lavender, and chamomile essential oils help relieve tension and anxiety.
  • Safe and non-harmful, with no addictive or chemical ingredients. The collar can be worn continuously and replaced every 4 weeks.
  • One size fits all cats, with the ability to adjust the length for a perfect fit.
  • Easy to use, featuring an adjustable system of teeth to prevent loosening.
  • Waterproof, no need to remove the collar when bathing or playing in the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the calming effect last?

The calming effect of our collar lasts up to 30 days, providing continuous relief for your cats.

2. Is the collar safe for long-term use?

Yes, our collar is safe for long-term use. It is made with hypoallergenic materials and does not cause addiction.

3. Can the collar help with aggressive behavior?

Absolutely! The collar is designed to alleviate fear or stress-related behavior, including aggression caused by various triggers such as loud noise, transportation, vet visits, and separation anxiety.

4. Can the collar be used for kittens?

Yes, the collar is suitable for both cats and kittens. It is adjustable and can provide a perfect fit for all weights and sizes.


Give your cats the gift of calmness and relaxation with the Kaspiu 3 Pack Calming Collar for Cats. With its innovative pheromone technology and soothing essential oils, this collar is the perfect solution for reducing stress and anxiety in your feline friends. Order now and enjoy 30 days of continuous calm for your beloved pets.