Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp

Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp

Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp

The Edge balances high-quality personalized light with a flexible design to enhance your focus, mood, and your appearance on your next video call.

LED Desk Lamp

Improve your appearance on video calls or use as a table lamp to brighten your workspace. Increase your potential for productivity and produce quality work on and off-camera.

Bright Desk Lamp

Find the right home office lighting for remote work or light for video conferencing. Reduce strain on your eyes with innovative edge-lit LED technology and maximize your workspace.

Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature

Achieve perfect custom lighting to maximize your productivity. Control brightness from 1-100% and adjust color from warm to cool to enhance your appearance.

Adjustable Desk Lamp & Desk Clamp

Maneuver your desk lighting to fit your workspace with the five pivot points in the swing arm. This clamp light uses minimal space and fits desks up to 2.5 inches.

Built-In Charging Ports & Continuous A/C Power

Plug-in cord provides continuous power. This desk lamp has USB-C & USB-A charging ports built into the arm of the light for convenient power sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this lamp as a webcam light?
  • Is the brightness adjustable?
  • What is the maximum desk thickness this lamp can clamp onto?
  • Does it come with a power cord?
  • Can I charge my devices using the USB ports?


The Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp is a versatile and functional lighting solution for your office or workspace. With its adjustable brightness, color temperature, and flexible design, it offers personalized lighting to enhance your productivity and appearance. The built-in charging ports and continuous A/C power ensure convenient power sources for your devices. Upgrade your desk lighting with the Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp and experience the difference it makes in your work and video calls.