Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK

Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK

Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK

Are you an artist looking for a reliable and stylish portfolio to showcase your work? Look no further than the Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK. With its high-quality synthetic material and professional design, this portfolio is the perfect choice for artists of all levels.

Product Description

Established in 1955, Mapac is a family-run organization based just outside London. The Artcare by Mapac range of Artists Portfolios, Cases, Sleeves, and Accessories has been sold throughout the world for over 50 years. All our products have been manufactured to the highest standards and are made not only to look great but to keep your work safe and protected. All our portfolios, cases, and bags come with a one-year guarantee, and we now offer a wide range of colors in many of our best-selling lines.

Key Features:

  • Soft padded leather look material
  • Reinforced spine
  • Professional strength ring mechanism
  • Free shoulder strap included

Soft Padded Leather Look Material

The Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK is made from a soft padded leather look material that not only looks great but also provides excellent protection for your artwork. The material is durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your portfolio will last for years to come.

Reinforced Spine

The reinforced spine of the portfolio adds extra strength and stability, preventing any damage to your artwork. Whether you’re carrying your portfolio to an exhibition or storing it at home, you can trust that your work will be safe and secure.

Professional Strength Ring Mechanism

The portfolio features a professional strength ring mechanism that allows you to easily add or remove pages. This makes it convenient to organize and display your artwork in the way that best suits your needs. Whether you’re showcasing a single piece or a collection of works, the Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK has got you covered.

Free Shoulder Strap Included

For added convenience, the Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK comes with a free shoulder strap. This allows you to easily carry your portfolio wherever you go, whether it’s to a meeting with a client or an art class. The shoulder strap is adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for artists of all heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the portfolio waterproof?

Yes, the Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK is waterproof, providing excellent protection for your artwork even in wet conditions.

2. Can the portfolio hold other sizes of paper?

While the portfolio is designed to hold A2-sized paper, it can also accommodate smaller sizes. The ring mechanism allows you to add or remove pages as needed.

3. Does the portfolio come with any additional pockets or compartments?

No, the Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK does not have any additional pockets or compartments. However, it provides ample space for your artwork and can easily be carried alongside other bags or cases.


The Mapac A2 Premier Portfolio-BLACK is the perfect choice for artists who want a high-quality and durable portfolio to showcase their work. With its soft padded leather look material, reinforced spine, professional strength ring mechanism, and free shoulder strap, this portfolio offers both style and functionality. Order now and enjoy a one-year guarantee on this exceptional product.