Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector

Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector

Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector

Human beings have never stopped exploring the sky and universe since ancient times. The starry night sky with twinkling stars captures our imagination at a young age, so we long to fly to the sky and uncover the mystery. Being fascinated by the beauty of the night sky but not given a choice to view the aurora effect, now you have the option to enjoy the starry sky and rare northern lights on the ceiling via our galaxy projector.

Star Projector Galaxy Light

You don’t have to chase the light when the light is coming to you. Also, you don’t need to chase the aurora light when we’re bringing splendid views to your home with 32 aurora lights and 1 starry night effect in this device. Change the light effects and adjust the flow speed and brightness through the remote controller. Flowing light and color seem to take you on a journey to Norway to get immersed in these beautiful moments.

White Noise, Baby Lullaby

Soothing white noise has the magic power to get you relaxed from outside to inside by leaving you in nature to feel the vitality of life. Hear the sounds of the summer night, ocean waves, forest birds, twinkle stars, rivulet, rain, lullaby, and campfire. Relax your mind and body, or coax a restless infant to sweet sleep. Thanks to the 1-hour timer, 2-hour timer, and 4-hour auto-off function, sleep soundly and feel secure at night.

Bluetooth Speaker, Party Light

It’s a kids’ night light for bedroom that delivers stunning light effects, white noises, and music as a Bluetooth speaker. Perfect to use the galaxy projector for bedroom as a party light or decorative light. Cool galaxy lights decorate the house and transform it into a wonderful place. In addition, the galaxy lights for bedroom will dance together with you by following the beat of the music with the sound-activated rhythm mode.

Upgraded 3-in-1 Galaxy Projector

Watch the splendid aurora views without chasing around or hiking far away, turning your home into a mini planetarium. Place yourself in a peaceful environment with natural white noises echoing in your ears, relaxing your mind and body. Play your favorite music or white noises when using the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Romantic Galaxy Aurora Projector

Based on four colors (red/green/blue/white), the star projector boasts the dual-projection lens to create 33 light effects with 3 modes and 16 northern light effects available, moving the starry sky and galaxy back home. Achieve 5-level flow speed and 5-level brightness via the included remote controller.

Soothing White Noise Sleep Aid

8 white noises vary from summer night, ocean waves, forest birds, twinkle star, rivulet, rain, lullaby, and campfire. Natural white noise sound therapy benefits your inner peace and helps fight against insomnia by taking your mind to the natural world. Also, the sounds attract the attention of crying babies to calm them down.

Bluetooth Speaker, Rhythm Mode

Serve as a Bluetooth speaker when paired with your Bluetooth-enabled devices to play music. Utilized voice-control technology, the galaxy light projector has a sound-activated rhythm mode, when the star and aurora dance following the beat of the music, perfect for parties to enhance the atmosphere and experience.

Perfect Gift Idea, Great Home Decor

Our unique elephant-shaped galaxy light has a decent appearance and incredible effects, ideal for infants, kids, adults, and elders. We value our customers by making efforts to ensure quality, safety, and service. All the star lights for bedroom have FCC, RoHS, and CE certificates. If there is any problem, please contact us anytime, and we will offer you a satisfactory solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Experience the beauty of the night sky with the Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector. Transform your bedroom into a mini planetarium with 33 light effects, soothing white noises, and a Bluetooth speaker. Whether you want to relax, have a party, or simply enjoy the stunning visuals, this galaxy projector is the perfect addition to your home. Get yours today and bring the wonders of the universe into your own space.