Product Content – Digilent Cora Z7

Product Content – Digilent Cora Z7

Product Content – Digilent Cora Z7

“The Digilent Cora Z7: Zynq-7000 Single and Dual Core Options for ARM/FPGA SoC Development (Cora Z7-07S)” is a powerful and versatile development board designed for engineers and hobbyists interested in exploring the capabilities of ARM/FPGA SoC development. With its advanced features and flexible options, the Cora Z7 offers a unique platform for creating innovative projects and prototypes.

Features and Benefits

1. Zynq-7000 Single and Dual Core Options

The Cora Z7 is available in both single and dual core options, allowing users to choose the level of processing power that best suits their needs. The Zynq-7000 SoC combines the flexibility of an FPGA with the processing capabilities of an ARM processor, providing a powerful and efficient platform for development.

2. Versatile I/O Options

The Cora Z7 features a wide range of I/O options, including GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C, and more. This allows users to easily interface with external devices and sensors, making it ideal for a variety of applications such as robotics, IoT, and embedded systems.

3. High-Speed Connectivity

With its Ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports, the Cora Z7 offers high-speed connectivity options for seamless data transfer and communication. This enables users to connect the board to other devices and networks, expanding its capabilities and potential applications.

4. Programmable Logic and Processing System

The Cora Z7 combines the programmable logic of an FPGA with the processing power of an ARM processor, allowing users to implement custom hardware accelerators and algorithms. This flexibility enables faster and more efficient processing, making it suitable for computationally intensive tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the Cora Z7 for industrial applications?

A: Yes, the Cora Z7 is designed to withstand harsh environments and is suitable for industrial applications. Its robust design and wide operating temperature range make it ideal for use in industrial automation, control systems, and monitoring applications.

Q: Is the Cora Z7 compatible with popular development tools?

A: Yes, the Cora Z7 is compatible with popular development tools such as Xilinx Vivado and SDK. This allows users to leverage their existing knowledge and tools to develop and debug their projects efficiently.

Q: Can I expand the functionality of the Cora Z7?

A: Yes, the Cora Z7 features multiple expansion connectors, including Pmod and Arduino headers, which allow users to easily add additional functionality and peripherals to the board. This makes it highly customizable and adaptable to a wide range of projects.


The Digilent Cora Z7 is a versatile and powerful development board that offers a unique platform for ARM/FPGA SoC development. With its flexible options, high-speed connectivity, and programmable logic, the Cora Z7 is an ideal choice for engineers and hobbyists looking to explore the possibilities of embedded systems, robotics, and IoT applications. Unlock your creativity and take your projects to the next level with the Digilent Cora Z7.