Radial StageBug SB-1: The Ultimate Active Instrument Direct Box

Radial StageBug SB-1: The Ultimate Active Instrument Direct Box

Radial StageBug SB-1: The Ultimate Active Instrument Direct Box

Are you a musician looking for the perfect solution to connect your instrument directly to a sound system or recording device? Look no further! The Radial StageBug SB-1 is here to revolutionize your sound experience.

Unleash Your Instrument’s True Potential

The Radial StageBug SB-1 is a state-of-the-art 1-channel active instrument direct box that guarantees exceptional sound quality and performance. Designed with musicians in mind, this direct box allows you to connect your instrument directly to a mixing console, PA system, or recording device, eliminating the need for a microphone.

Superior Sound Quality

With its high-quality components and innovative design, the StageBug SB-1 ensures that your instrument’s true tone and character are faithfully reproduced. The active circuitry provides optimal impedance matching, resulting in a clean and transparent signal transfer. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and distortion – the StageBug SB-1 delivers pristine sound every time.

Robust and Reliable

The StageBug SB-1 is built to withstand the rigors of the road. Its rugged construction and compact design make it the perfect companion for touring musicians. Whether you’re playing in small venues or large arenas, this direct box will never let you down.

Key Features:

  • Active circuitry for optimal impedance matching
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate hum and buzz
  • Compact and durable design
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Perfect for live performances and studio recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the StageBug SB-1 with both electric and acoustic instruments?

A: Absolutely! The StageBug SB-1 is compatible with a wide range of instruments, including electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, and more.

Q: Does the StageBug SB-1 require batteries or external power?

A: No, the StageBug SB-1 is powered by the phantom power from your mixing console or recording device, making it extremely convenient to use.

Q: Can I connect multiple instruments to the StageBug SB-1?

A: The StageBug SB-1 is a 1-channel direct box, meaning it can only accommodate one instrument at a time. However, you can easily switch between instruments during performances or recordings.


The Radial StageBug SB-1 is the ultimate solution for musicians seeking a high-quality and reliable direct box. Its superior sound quality, robust construction, and user-friendly design make it a must-have for any musician, whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio. Unlock the true potential of your instrument with the StageBug SB-1 and experience sound like never before.