Saint Louis – Old Courthouse

Saint Louis – Old Courthouse

Saint Louis – Old Courthouse

Located in the heart of downtown Saint Louis, the Old Courthouse stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural beauty. This iconic landmark has witnessed significant events and played a crucial role in shaping the development of the city.

History and Significance

The Old Courthouse was constructed in the mid-19th century and served as the seat of justice for the city. Its stunning Greek Revival architecture and grandeur made it a symbol of power and authority. Over the years, it became a gathering place for the community and witnessed numerous historical events.

Famous Trials

One of the most notable trials held at the Old Courthouse was the Dred Scott case in 1850. This landmark legal battle played a pivotal role in the fight against slavery and ultimately led to the Civil War. The courtroom where the trial took place has been preserved and offers visitors a glimpse into this significant moment in American history.

Architectural Beauty

The Old Courthouse’s architectural beauty is a sight to behold. Its majestic dome, intricate detailing, and elegant interiors make it a favorite spot for photographers and history enthusiasts. The building’s design reflects the neoclassical style, with its imposing columns and symmetrical layout.

Guided Tours

Visitors can explore the Old Courthouse through guided tours that provide in-depth information about its history and significance. Knowledgeable guides take visitors through the various rooms, including the restored courtroom, where they can learn about the trials and the impact they had on the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the visiting hours of the Old Courthouse?
  2. The Old Courthouse is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

  3. Is there an admission fee?
  4. No, admission to the Old Courthouse is free for all visitors.

  5. Are there any parking facilities nearby?
  6. Yes, there are several parking garages and lots available within walking distance of the Old Courthouse.

  7. Can I take photographs inside the building?
  8. Yes, photography is allowed inside the Old Courthouse, except in certain restricted areas.


The Saint Louis Old Courthouse is not just a historic building; it is a living testament to the city’s past. Its significance in the fight for justice and equality cannot be overstated. A visit to this iconic landmark is a must for anyone interested in history, architecture, and the rich cultural heritage of Saint Louis.