TALK TOOLS LLC Apraxia Bilabial Shapes

TALK TOOLS LLC Apraxia Bilabial Shapes

TALK TOOLS LLC Apraxia Bilabial Shapes

Apraxia Bilabial Shapes is a revolutionary product developed by TALK TOOLS LLC to assist in speech therapy for children with apraxia. This unique tool is designed to improve the coordination and strength of the lips and mouth muscles, enabling children to produce clear and accurate speech sounds.


Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that affects the ability to plan and execute the movements necessary for speech production. Children with apraxia often struggle with articulation and may have difficulty forming sounds correctly. TALK TOOLS LLC Apraxia Bilabial Shapes provides a fun and engaging way to target these specific speech difficulties.

How It Works

Apraxia Bilabial Shapes consists of a set of specially designed shapes that children can hold and manipulate with their lips and mouth. Each shape represents a specific speech sound, such as “p,” “b,” or “m.” By practicing the movements required to form these sounds, children can improve their muscle coordination and strengthen the necessary muscles for speech production.

Benefits of Apraxia Bilabial Shapes

  • Enhances lip and mouth muscle strength
  • Improves coordination for accurate speech production
  • Increases awareness of tongue and lip placement
  • Provides a tactile and visual cue for sound formation
  • Makes speech therapy sessions more interactive and enjoyable

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should a child use Apraxia Bilabial Shapes each day?
  2. It is recommended to use Apraxia Bilabial Shapes for at least 10-15 minutes per day, in addition to regular speech therapy sessions.

  3. At what age can children start using Apraxia Bilabial Shapes?
  4. Apraxia Bilabial Shapes can be used with children as young as 3 years old, under the guidance of a speech therapist or parent.

  5. Can Apraxia Bilabial Shapes be used for other speech disorders?
  6. While Apraxia Bilabial Shapes is primarily designed for children with apraxia, it can also be beneficial for children with other speech disorders that involve difficulties with lip and mouth movements.


TALK TOOLS LLC Apraxia Bilabial Shapes is an innovative tool that can greatly assist in speech therapy for children with apraxia. By targeting the specific muscle movements required for accurate speech production, this product helps children improve their articulation skills and gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. Incorporating Apraxia Bilabial Shapes into speech therapy sessions can make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging for children, leading to better outcomes in their speech development.