Ultimate Battletech Mech Storage Solution – Feldherr Mini Plus Bag Holds 36 Mechs

Feldherr Mini Plus Bag: The Perfect Storage Solution for Battletech Enthusiasts


Are you a Battletech enthusiast looking for a convenient and efficient way to store and transport your collection of 36 mechs? Look no further than the Feldherr Mini Plus Bag! This innovative storage solution is designed specifically for Battletech players, providing the perfect balance of protection and accessibility for your valuable miniatures.

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Convenient and Secure Storage

The Feldherr Mini Plus Bag is meticulously designed to provide the utmost convenience and security for your Battletech mechs. With its custom foam inserts, this bag offers individual compartments for up to 36 mechs, ensuring that each miniature is protected from damage during transportation. The foam inserts are precision-cut to fit the exact dimensions of Battletech mechs, preventing any movement or collision between miniatures.

Easy Transportation

Transporting your Battletech mechs has never been easier. The Feldherr Mini Plus Bag features a comfortable handle and a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to choose the most convenient carrying option for your needs. The bag is also lightweight and compact, making it perfect for travel to gaming sessions, tournaments, or conventions.

Organize and Access Your Collection

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through piles of miniatures to find the mech you need. The Feldherr Mini Plus Bag provides a practical and efficient organization system, allowing you to easily locate and access your desired mechs. The individual compartments keep your miniatures neatly separated, preventing any tangling or damage to delicate parts.

Key Features of the Feldherr Mini Plus Bag:

  • Custom foam inserts for 36 Battletech mechs
  • Secure and protective storage
  • Convenient handle and detachable shoulder strap
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Efficient organization system

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Feldherr Mini Plus Bag accommodate other miniatures besides Battletech mechs?

Yes, the Feldherr Mini Plus Bag can be used to store and transport various types of miniatures. However, it is specifically designed with Battletech mechs in mind, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection for these miniatures.

2. Is the foam insert removable?

Yes, the foam insert in the Feldherr Mini Plus Bag is removable, allowing you to customize the storage compartments according to your needs. You can also purchase additional foam inserts separately to accommodate different miniature collections.

3. Can the bag withstand rough handling during transportation?

Absolutely! The Feldherr Mini Plus Bag is made from durable and high-quality materials, designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. The foam inserts provide excellent shock absorption, ensuring that your miniatures remain safe and undamaged even in turbulent conditions.


The Feldherr Mini Plus Bag is the ultimate storage solution for Battletech enthusiasts. With its secure and convenient design, this bag allows you to transport and organize your collection of 36 mechs with ease. Say goodbye to damaged miniatures and disorganized storage – invest in the Feldherr Mini Plus Bag and take your Battletech gaming experience to the next level!