Upgraded Rehabilitation Robotic Glove For Finger Treatment

Upgraded Rehabilitation Robotic Glove For Finger Treatment

Upgraded Rehabilitation Robotic Glove For Finger Treatment

Are you looking for an effective and convenient way to rehabilitate your fingers? Look no further! Our upgraded rehabilitation robotic glove is here to help. Whether you’re a stroke patient or someone with finger dysfunction, this glove is designed to promote blood circulation and restore double functions of fingers and hands.


  • The finger splint has a large LCD control screen and light adjustment buttons. With real-time power display.
  • Patients can take care of themselves at home, save hospital expenses, and complete daily training plans independently.
  • Applicable people: finger spasm, cerebral palsy, finger dysfunction caused by sequelae of cerebral infarction, etc.

What is the right time for each use?

The single use time should not exceed 20 minutes. It is recommended to use it under the supervision of a physician according to your specific situation.


  • Name: Rehabilitation Robot Gloves
  • Function: Rehabilitation of manual function
  • Material: Gloves – resin fiber reinforced and hardened, receiving part – PC/ABS alloy, PVC, stainless steel, gas pipe – rubber
  • Size: (left or right hand) S, M, L, XL
  • Size: host 170 x 140 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 0.4kg/0.2kg (host/glove)
  • Packing size: 34 x 22 x 9CM
  • Weight: 1.8 KG
  • Color: Orange
  • Air pressure range: Negative pressure ≤ 80kpa, overpressure ≤ 50kpa

Packing List:

  • 1 x Main unit
  • 1 x Rehabilitation Glove
  • 1 x Data glove
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Adapter

Applicable People:

Our robotic hand glove is designed for finger and hand function rehabilitation training. It is especially suitable for stroke patients, hemiplegia, and hand arthritis. It can be used by adults and children over 14 years old.

Newly Added Control Touch Function:

We have upgraded the LED display of our physical therapy equipment. Now, you can easily train single or multiple fingers by simply touching the screen panel icon. No more adjusting mechanical valves!

Newly Added Soft Mode:

Based on user feedback, we have added a soft mode to our robotic gloves. This mode offers 8 adjustable levels of training expansion amplitude, making it suitable for more serious hand injuries.

Improved Power System and Mirror Glove:

Our stroke rehabilitation glove now features an upgraded power pump and increased battery capacity for more powerful work. We have also improved the mirror gloves by replacing the right hand rehabilitation glove with hand straps and using a more advanced wireless transmission method. This solves the problem of fitting issues due to hand size.

Newly Added Memory Function and Sequential Training Function:

We have added a save and reset function to make it easier for users to use their original training mode again. Additionally, we have introduced the function of sequential rotation training, which allows for different training effects and achieves full training purposes.


Upgrade your finger rehabilitation with our advanced robotic glove. It is a convenient and effective solution for stroke patients, hemiplegia, and those with finger dysfunction. Take control of your rehabilitation journey and restore the functions of your fingers and hands. Order your rehabilitation robotic glove today!