VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges

VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges

VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges

Are you tired of spending a fortune on toner cartridges for your OKI Okidata Color Laser Printers? Look no further! Introducing VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges, the perfect solution for all your printing needs.


  • Compatible toner cartridge C332 MC363 series for C332 MC363
  • C332dn MC363dn C332dnw MC332dnw Laserjet Printers
  • Page Yield: 3500 Pages for Black, 3000 Pages for C/M/Y at 5% coverage
  • Color and Code: Black:46508704, Cyan:46508703, Magenta: 46508702, Yellow:46508701
  • Guarantee period: 12 months

Preserving Method

It is recommended to store the toner cartridges in a temperature range of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 20-80%.


  • Product inside packing: black plastic bag
  • Box packing: white paper box
  • Individual box

Why Choose VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges?

1. 100% Compatible New

Our toner cartridges are 100% compatible and do not have any back-shadow problems or compatibility issues.

2. ISO Quality Factory

Our toner cartridges are manufactured with new components in an ISO-9001, ISO-14001 quality certified factory. With 20 years of technical experiences, we specialize in the production of compatible toner cartridges.

3. Serious Inspection

We have the most testing machines in the whole all-in-one machine industry, ensuring that every toner cartridge is seriously inspected before it reaches you.

4. Quality Material

We use high-quality toner from Japan, ensuring that the toner is pure, fresh, and natural without any unpleasant smell.

5. The Best Printing Effect

Our toner cartridges provide the best printing effect, just like the original toner. The image resolution is clear, with strong layers. The copies look beautiful, with uniform, clear, and comfortable colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these toner cartridges compatible with my OKI Okidata Color Laser Printers?

A: Yes, these toner cartridges are compatible with C332 MC363 series for C332 MC363, including C332dn, MC363dn, C332dnw, and MC332dnw Laserjet Printers.

Q: How many pages can I expect to print with these toner cartridges?

A: The page yield is 3500 pages for Black and 3000 pages for C/M/Y at 5% coverage.

Q: How long is the guarantee period for these toner cartridges?

A: The guarantee period is 12 months.


With VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges, you can enjoy high-quality printing at an affordable price. Our toner cartridges are 100% compatible, manufactured in an ISO quality factory, and undergo serious inspection to ensure the best printing effect. Say goodbye to expensive toner cartridges and hello to VICTORSTAR Compatible Toner Cartridges!