Vogel’s TVM 5855 Full-Motion Ultra Strong TV Wall Mount

Vogel’s TVM 5855 Full-Motion Ultra Strong TV Wall Mount

Vogel’s TVM 5855 Full-Motion Ultra Strong TV Wall Mount


Are you looking for the strongest full-motion TV wall mount for your large flatscreen TV? With Vogel’s ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount, you are one hundred percent safe. The wall mount combines ultra-slim design with incredible performance, and easily supports TVs weighing up to 75 kg, from 55 to 100 inches in size.

Main Features

Extremely Flat and Strong

The Vogel’s TVM 5855 wall mount is only 4.5 cm from the wall, making it ideal for large TVs ranging in size from 55 to 100 inches and weighing up to 75 kg. Its slim design ensures a sleek and stylish look for your living room.

Safety First

As the proud owner of a large premium TV, you want to be absolutely sure that it is securely mounted. The ELITE 5855 is TÜV certified and tested at three times its maximum load capacity, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your TV.

Universal Compatibility

The full-motion TV wall mount is suitable for TVs from 55 to 100 inches. It works with LED, OLED, HDTV, 4K, LCD, and Smart TVs. Compatible brands include Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, TCL, Philips, and Hisense. No matter what TV you have, the Vogel’s TVM 5855 will work perfectly with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this wall mount be tilted?

No, the Vogel’s TVM 5855 does not have a tilt function. This is because it is best not to tilt large, fragile displays. However, the wall mount allows for easy horizontal and vertical leveling, ensuring your TV is perfectly aligned.

2. How far does the TV protrude from the wall when mounted?

The TV is mounted just 4.5 cm from the wall, giving it a sleek and flush appearance.

3. Is the installation process difficult?

No, installing the Vogel’s TVM 5855 wall mount is easier than ever. It comes with a spirit level, drilling template, extra-wide wall plate, screws, and Fischer DuoPower plugs. Additionally, you can use the free Vogel’s DrillRight AR app to mark out the first drill hole accurately.


Choose the Vogel’s TVM 5855 full-motion ultra strong TV wall mount for a secure and stylish mounting solution for your large and heavy TV. With its ultra-slim design, incredible strength, and universal compatibility, this wall mount is the perfect choice for any home theater setup. Enjoy years of carefree enjoyment with the Vogel’s TVM 5855.