Wildtrak – 20 Inch Bike for Children 6-9 Years Old

Wildtrak – 20 Inch Bike for Children 6-9 Years Old

Wildtrak – 20 Inch Bike for Children 6-9 Years Old

Introducing the Wildtrak – a 20-inch bike designed specifically for children aged 6 to 9 years old. With its adjustable brakes and sleek black design, this bike is perfect for young riders looking for an exciting and reliable ride.

Adjustable Brakes for Optimal Safety

The Wildtrak features powerful front and rear V brakes, providing efficient stopping power for any adventurous young rider. The reach brake levers are adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for small hands. Safety is our top priority, and these brakes offer peace of mind for both children and parents.

Hi-Riser MTB Style Handlebars for Easy Control

The hi-riser MTB style handlebars provide excellent control and maneuverability. With a twistgrip gear lever, young riders can easily shift between the 6-speed gears, allowing them to tackle various terrains with ease. The adjustable saddle, seat post, and handlebars make it simple to find the perfect riding position for maximum comfort and control.

Robust Mountain Bike Style Tyres for Versatile Riding

The Wildtrak is equipped with 20 x 2.10-inch mountain bike style tyres, designed to handle different surfaces with ease. Whether it’s riding on pavement, gravel, or dirt trails, these tyres provide excellent traction and stability. Young riders can confidently explore their surroundings and take on new adventures.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

The Wildtrak Boys Bike comes 80 percent assembled, making it quick and easy to get your child on the road. Simply inflate the tyres, attach the pedals, handlebars, stem, and seat post, and make any necessary adjustments to the brake cables. The bike comes with tools and full instructions to guide you through each step. All you need is a pump for inflating the tyres.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the recommended age range for this bike?
  2. The Wildtrak is designed for children aged 6 to 9 years old.

  3. Are the brakes adjustable?
  4. Yes, the Wildtrak features adjustable reach brake levers for optimal safety and comfort.

  5. Do I need any special tools for assembly?
  6. No, the bike comes with all the necessary tools for assembly.

  7. Can the saddle and handlebars be adjusted?
  8. Yes, the saddle, seat post, and handlebars are all adjustable for a customized fit.

In conclusion, the Wildtrak – 20 Inch Bike for Children 6-9 Years Old is a top choice for young riders seeking adventure and fun. With its adjustable brakes, hi-riser handlebars, and robust tyres, this bike offers safety, control, and versatility. Get your child on the road to excitement with the Wildtrak!